Strategy-to-Project Alignment

CIO and Project Management Office Consulting

CIOs and IT departments have moved far beyond just providing computers and email to employees. Companies need IT to enable them to grow revenue, manage expenses and to become more agile and innovative. Unfortunately, too many IT projects don’t support the needs of today’s organizations. Some projects, even if they achieve the scope within the time and money parameters, and thus successful from a project standpoint, do not provide business value. They fail to achieve the business goals used to justify the project.

Terrapin Consulting provides an assessment of the strategic alignment between the in-process projects and the goals of the organization. We’ll provide feedback to senior leadership on the likelihood of achieving the goals with the current projects. This process frequently results in terminating some projects that no longer support the business strategy, which frees up resources to pursue higher value-add projects.

After ensuring strategic alignment, we provide training, tools and templates to ensure projects are managed correctly. This may include establishing, or revising, a project management office (PMO) or it may simply be a set of policies and procedures to increase project performance.