Harder Choices Presentation at the Department of State

I’ll be presenting to the Department of State Project Management Community of Practice on Thursday, November 13. My presentation is called Harder Choices (get it? I’m at the State Department. I crack myself up.) After coming up with the hilarious inside joke, I actually built a presentation around the hard choices PMs need to make in order to be successful. Hard choices around project selection, project execution and, if necessary, around project termination.

Sound bites for the presentation are:

  • Ironically, the hardest choice about project management is made before any project management begins. It’s during the project selection phase.
  • In order to start doing things right, you have to stop doing them wrong.
  • The best time to do a task is three weeks ago. The second best time is today.
  • Successful project teams may have difficulty transitioning to operations.
  • Marginal projects may live indefinitely. You must kill these zombies.

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